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PenniesLogo’n Basset Hounds are located just 1 hour east of London, Ontario or 1 hour west of Toronto Ontario just minutes off the Highway 403. For further customers shipping thru Air Canada is always an option.

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As Basset Hound Breeders we take our responsibility of breeding Basset Hounds very seriously.


With Quality puppies produced for sale we look for excellent homes for our pups and supply follow up help and info at any time to our new found families but if for whatever reason the dog is not able to stay with its new family we help place the dog in a good home as not to have them end up in shelters or a bad situation. We stand behind what we produce even if we have to take them back till they find a new home; they are all family to us here at Pennieslogo’n Basset Hounds


Our foundation dogs we purchased from reputable Breeders after several years of searching for a good breeder who bred for the betterment of the breed thus eliminating any genetic or inherited diseases from repeating themselves in their breeding programs, and we at Pennieslogo’n basset Hounds carry on this tradition in our entire basset breeding programs done here today and always.


Our litters are all planned with extreme care and consideration for type and temperament of our dogs. Our mothers are fed a good quality of food and we like to add yogurt, cottage cheese and vegetables to our mother’s meals while they are in gPuppy at playestation periods.


All breeding are done and planned thru our local vet who performs our progesterone tests to ensure Ovulation and then when levels are reached AI services are then performed so all breeding are done clinically to reduce infections. Pups are usually whelped at 61 days of gestation and are whelped up stairs in our whelping room where accommodations are provided for our human nurses to spend their days and nights observing the pups up to their 3rd week birthday. At this point weaning is started and this will take up to one week during which mom is constantly on watch for Mastitis, as the milk is slowly dried up. Mom is then introduced back to the kennel and will now have a well deserved break for the next year or so as we do not do back to back breeding with our Females. We enjoy our bassets and consider them all family here as our children. So like children they can now show or play till their next litter is due in a year or so.


As our bassets are shown regularly, and the Judges have told us by Presenting us with wins (Championships) that we are building a correct Basset Hound, thus eliminating structural problems such as crooked legs and feet, back problems or hip problems, as a Basset that is not built properly will not achieve a championship and could be a potential for body illnesses down the road that is commonly found in poorly built basset hounds. Both structure and movement are essential for a sound basset hound.


As well we have folloPuppy at playwed back in generations for health issues and have been very lucky to have not seen any. If a health issue did arise these dogs would not be bred again and would be spayed or neutered to prevent this from happening. Thus said, by following a Basset Hound standard we build and produce an excellent Basset Hound of Show Quality for a show dog or a perfect pet which ever suites your needs.


It is very important that Pennieslogo’n Basset Hounds are healthy and deliver a pleasant personality to their new owners who will be committed to their well being for a long and happy life time. We call our Bassets” Love Sponges”, that being they take in all they can absorb and give back as even more.


If you are considering a Basset Hound whether it’s a puppy or an older Basset in your future please give us a call with any questions or concerns and we will be glad to help you out. 


Remember if purchasing a Purebred dog you must always receive registration Papers with your dog, any dog sold without registration papers or is sold for two different prices with or without papers is Illegal by the CKC and AKC and cannot be presented as a Purebred dog.




Happy Hounding to everyone and feel free to contact us any time. We love to share info about our Basset Hounds and Basset Hound Puppies..

Have a Howling good day!                 

Penny Bernas

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